Day 149

Today was surprisingly short as far as instructional time goes.  The oldest two both had quite a bit of independent work to do, but my school day was unexpectedly short!

N (age 11):

  • Math: N had an assessment today and had two worksheets with linear and liquid measurement conversions.
  • Spelling: N practiced her words with “ei” and “ie” vowel pairs and digraphs.
  • Writing: N completed her paragraph written in the first person. We discussed the use of past, present, and future tense, and the importance of verb tense agreement throughout a composition.
  • Reading: N read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • Bible: N and C recited their memory verses and the books of the Old Testament. I read them the story of Jacob’s Ladder. We discussed the way that God kept reaffirming the same promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We speculated as to why God worded the same promise differently for each of them, which led to a discussion on learning styles and individuality.
  • Science: N and C researched and wrote about the contributions of Friedrich Mohs, Thales of Miletus, and William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg to the field of geology. They also checked on their flowering rock garden experiment.


  • Geography: N and C filled in their Middle East maps for review. Then, they filled in all the countries of Southeast Asia that they’ve learned so far. Their lesson today was about India. We talked about how similar people are despite the sometimes glaring cultural differences.
  • Music: The usual.

C (age 9):

  • Math: C did some mental math and a worksheet on addition. Her lesson was about finding the missing addend of an addition problem written as a story. We talked about how being able to form “fact families” was useful for the finding the answer to problems with missing addends. She completed her lesson review.
  • Spelling: C practiced her words with different spellings of the long “I” sound.
  • Writing: C wrote a list of items found in her bedroom, and then organized the list alphabetically.
  • Reading: C read Goddess Girls: Pheme the Gossip for 20 minutes.
  • Bible: Combined class with N.
  • Science: Combined class with N.
  • Geography: Combined class with N.
  • Music: C practiced chord transitions.

S (age 6):

  • Math: S and I counted to 100 by 10s and 1s using the 100-number chart. S counted backwards from 10-1. And then we played store.  Have I mentioned that I hate playing store? Because I do. This time, S used dimes to pay for items up to $1.00. S practiced writing the cents sign.
  • Reading: S reviewed the letter U with a worksheet from The Measured Mom. She and I sang the alphabet song together, and then S found the letter V on our alphabet chart. I read S a poem about a snail named Violet. S colored a picture of the letter V and Violet the Snail. Next, we played “Hop To It.” S picked a card with a picture of something either one, two, or three syllables long. S tamed the picture and then hopped onto a piece of paper that said either 1, 2, or 3. In lieu of My Side of the Mountain today, S wanted to read her Usborne book of Sharks. She loves sharks.
  • Writing: S practiced writing the letter V on a custom worksheet.

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