Schedules for 2017/2018

So, I really slacked off on the blog at the end of school this past spring. The last nine days were filled with video school (finishing up the “Families of the World” series on Amazon Prime, watching videos on the history of the Roman and Greek Empires, and a great video on the War of the Worlds Radio Scandal – which led to a lively discussion on the power of the media to shape popular opinion and to spread propaganda). We went on several field trips (historical programs, library programs, state park programs).

Over the summer, S (now age 8) continued to practice her reading, and spent a lot of time playing school with H (age 5). I love when they play school, because it reinforces concepts for S while introducing concepts to H in a way that’s fun for them.

And now, we’re two weeks away from the start of school. Curriculum is trickling in. N (age 12) and C (age 11) are already working on their reading lists for the year. I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing the classroom (which, I must admit, got pretty trashed over the summer being used as a playroom, video game room, and catch-all for quick clean-up of the rest of the house). I’m so excited to get started and get back to a daily routine. Which leads me to the purpose of this post, which is our schedule this year.

The “Sabbath Schooling” schedule worked well for us last year, so we’re going to be using that again. “Sabbath Schooling” involves six weeks of school followed by one week of vacation, plus vacation for the month of December. Last year, we didn’t take all of our scheduled breaks and finished a couple weeks early, but I liked having the option of taking time off in the event of “education fatigue.”

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be regular education days (with occasional field trips on Saturdays or for special educational events. Thursdays will be dedicated to library time, reading, art, and music. Two Fridays a month will include homeschool gym class at the local rec center. Homeschool soccer dates aren’t available yet, but it will probably be two mornings per week for about six weeks during the fall and spring.



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