Day 164

Today was not as smooth as yesterday, but it was more independent work than instructional time, so that was nice for me. There was the usual dawdling over independent work on the part of the kids.

N (age 12):

Math: N had an assessment today. She wanted to work on it independently. I’m always wary of letting her wander off with an assessment, as I’m not sure to get it back. But I let her take it to her room.

Bible: N and C reviewed their memory verses (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Isaiah 53, and Isaiah 9:7) and the books of the Bible. They began reading Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. We talked about things like anger and gun rights and pacifism.

Reading: N read a chapter of her library book and a chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I read a chapter of The Case of the Left-Handed Lady to N and C last night.

Spelling: N continued practicing her lesson on three-syllable words.

History: N and C learned about the Incan civilization today. They located the Incan empire on a map.

Science: N and C finished reading The Mystery of the Periodic Table. They learned about man-made elements and the new tables being made for sub-elements, etc.

Writing: N and C used the word “crumpled” in three distinctively different ways.

Music: N continued practicing her scales and her new lesson. She reviewed her musical notation flash cards.

C (age 10):

Math: C followed recipes to make lunch (a Hamburger Helper meal) and dessert (brownies from scratch) today in a break from her traditional math class. I helped her focus on fractions in the recipes.

Reading: C read a chapter of her library book. I read a chapter of The Case of the Left-Handed Lady to N and C last night.

Spelling: C practiced her words with consonant clusters containing “s,” “ch,” and “th.”

Bible: Combined class with N.

History: Combined class with N.

Science: Combined class with N.

Writing: Combined class with N.

Music: C continued her drumming lessons and played the piano a bit.

S (age 7):

Math: S had her assessment and did quite well.

Reading: S continued her unit of All About Reading. She warmed up by reading some flashcards (including the sight words “the” and “a”). S continued reading the phrases she will need to know in order to read her story later. She continues to work on her b, d, and p recognition. I use thumb positions to try to help her remember. I finished reading Coraline to the girls, and they watched the movie (which they didn’t like quite as much as the book, but still enjoyed).

Writing: S copied some of the words she’s been learning to read on a worksheet that I made from the Writing Wizard website.


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