Day 162

Mondays are usually soccer game days (all day PE class), but the fields were super soggy from the stationary front we had over the weekend that dumped buckets of rain on our area and gave me a horrible barometric pressure headache. So, Monday was school.

N (age 12):

Math: N warmed up with mental math. Her lesson continued her work with standard notation. She was tired and frustrated throughout math. She had wanted to try two lessons today so that she could go out tomorrow, but her emotional state wouldn’t allow it.

Bible: N and C reviewed their memory verses (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Isaiah 53, and Isaiah 9:7) and the books of the Bible. They learned about Jesus’ family fleeing to Egypt to avoid Herod’s rage, and then returning to Israel after Herod’s death and settling in Galilee.

Reading: N read a chapter of her library book (she’s on a dog book kick right now) and a chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I read a chapter of The Case of the Left-Handed Lady to N and C last night.

Spelling: N began her new lesson

History: N and C learned about the Mayans and the Aztecs. They located their empires on a map, and learned about the floating city of Tenochtitlan.

Science: N and C continued reading The Mystery of the Periodic Table. They learned about Davy, Gay-Lussac, and Avogadro. They learned about the discovery of molecules that travel in pairs and how that revolutionized the understanding of atomic weights.

Writing: N and C practiced descriptive writing by describing a distinctive smell to a person who can’t smell.

Music: N continued practicing her scales and her new lesson.

C (age 10):

Math: C had an investigation today using manipulatives to demonstrate naming equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and adding and subtracting fractions in a concrete way.

Reading: C read a chapter of her library book. I read a chapter of The Case of the Left-Handed Lady to N and C last night.

Spelling: C practiced her words with consonant clusters containing “s,” “ch,” and “th.”

Bible: Combined class with N.

History: Combined class with N.

Science: Combined class with N.

Writing: Combined class with N.

Music: C cut her strumming thumb pretty badly over the weekend, so she’ll be taking the week off from ukulele. She continued her drumming lessons.

S (age 7):

Math: S warmed up with counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s. She recited the days of the week and the months of the year. She did a worksheet on addition. She learned how to write the number 36. She practiced measurements using non-standard units. The kids always love using the balance in math class.

Reading: S continued her unit of All About Reading. She warmed up by reading some flashcards (including the sight words “the” and “a”). S finished the list of words she needs to know in order to read her next story. After this, she will spend a few days on phrases and a few days on sentences. Then, she will read her next story. I finished reading The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets to S and H.

Writing: S copied some of the words she’s been learning to read on a worksheet that I made from the Writing Wizard website.


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