Days 135-136

Yesterday was a bit exciting, so I’m combining yesterday and today. We started school in the usual manner, but after math class, N received a video game in the mail that she had ordered, so I let them work on independent work while the game loaded and said we would double up on instructional time today.

N (age 12):

Math: N began with mental math. Her lesson was on finding fractional parts of a number and percents of a number. This was followed by an assessment, on which she only missed a couple problems. I’ll review those concepts with her tomorrow.

Bible: N and C reviewed their memory verses (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 1:1-6, Psalm 23:1-5, and Isaiah 53:1-11) and the books of the Bible. They learned about Cyrus ordering the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Reading: N read a chapter of her library book and a chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I read some Tuck Everlasting to N and C last night.

Spelling: N finished the workbook introduction to her next lesson on two-syllable words.

History: N and C learned about the Wars of the Roses and located England on their maps. We talked a bit about the current monarchy and touched on Brexit.

Spanish: N and C did their oral Spanish reading and answered comprehension questions.

Geography: N and C filled in their maps of South and Central America as a review.

Science: N and C experimented with attraction between similar molecules, and between polar molecules and nonpolar molecules. They continued to experiment on their own with different materials. I love the curiosity and love for learning they have!

Social Studies: N and C watched a video of typical children living in Germany. We talked about homeschooling being illegal in Germany, and about their rationale for that (Hitler’s “parallel societies” argument, etc.).

Writing: N and C practiced some descriptive writing by describing five different people performing the same action in different ways.

Music: N continued practicing her scales. She practiced her new lesson.

C (age 10):

Math: C warmed up with mental math. Her lessons were on angle measures and tesselations. They both involved cutting and folding and other such hands-on learning, which she enjoyed but attacked rather haphazardly.

Reading: C read a chapter of her library book and a chapter of On the Banks of Plum Creek. I read a few chapters of Tuck Everlasting to N and C last night.

Spelling: C took an assessment. She got all the difficult words correct, and then misspelled a word that she’d never misspelled before.

Bible: Combined class with N.

History: Combined class with N.

Geography: Combined class with N.

Social Studies: Combined class with N.

Science: Combined class with N.

Writing: Combined class with N.

Spanish: Combined class with N.

Music: C continued working on her chord transitions, playing individual notes, and reading music. She continued her drumming lessons.

S (age 7):

Math: S counted to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s using her hundred number chart. She counted backwards from 30. She recited the days of the week and the months of the year. S worked on number recognition and writing numbers today. She still writes some of her numbers backwards, so I’m going to periodically have her practice her number writing. She put numbers in order from 1-20.

Reading: S continued her unit of All About Reading. She warmed up by reading some flashcards (including the sight words “the” and “a”). S reviewed short i, v, f, and z. She read two more flip books, with some mild frustration. She doesn’t enjoy the process of learning to read, but at least this curriculum is effective and she is learning. I read S (and H) a few chapters of The Case of the Missing Marquess last night.

Grammar: S continued memorizing “The Months.” She reviewed the growing list of pronouns she’s learning and recited all the poems she’s learned so far.

Writing: S copied her name and some of the words she’s learning to read using a custom worksheet from HandwritingPractice.Net


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