Days 104-106

What an educationally significant weekend! One of the reasons I love homeschooling is that it gives me a chance to apply real life current events to things we’ve studied, and gives me a chance to shift focus from academics to history-in-the-making events like Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Thursday: We watched the pre-inauguration festivities and listened to the speeches. We talked about the amazing, peaceful transfer of power that takes place every four or eight years. We compared it with the majority of world history, which shows political leaders routinely murdering or imprisoning any threat to their power. We talked about the symbolism shown by the opposing political party in attending the festivities, demonstrating by their actions that the peaceful transfer of power is worthy of celebration, even if their candidate of choice didn’t win. We also talked about the members of Congress that decided to boycott the inauguration, and looked at past incidents of inauguration boycotts.

Friday: We watched the inauguration. We discussed the historical significance of a businessman who had never held public office being elected to the highest office in the land. We parsed his speech, discussing his criticism of all the politicians present at (and those absent from) the ceremony. We talked compared and contrasted the spiritual aspect of the ceremony to that of previous presidents, and talked about the message they thought was conveyed, both to the country and to the world (in particular, a rabbi giving the first prayer and what that said about US/Israeli policy going forward).

Saturday: We watched the swearing-in of the White House Senior Staff. We talked about the protests (why these particular groups were protesting, why people protest, how protesting can affect both the protestors and national policy, my past protesting activities) and about the importance of the First Amendment.


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