Days 80-90

So, for the last week of our 2016 semester, I doubled up on the days and we had school on video. Here’s what we did:

The kids watched “The Wiz” and “The Wizard of Oz.” We discussed the differences between the two movies. We talked about fairy tales being adapted by different countries and/or cultures. We discussed reasons for adapting fairy tales to fit one’s own culture. I read them several different versions of the Cinderella story, and we compared and contrasted them.

The kids watched documentaries on powerful warrior women throughout history. They learned about Joan of Arc, Grace O’Malley, Boudica (aka Boadicea), Lozen, and Wang Cong’er (the inspiration behind Mulan). We discussed the differences and similarities between the women. We talked about cultural views of women, why they thought these views were held, and how things have changed or stayed the same for women in modern society. N and C each picked a favorite warrior woman to research further and write about.

The kids watched “The Long, Long Holiday” (dubbed into English). I finished reading Number the Stars to them. We talked about the French and Dutch Resistance during WWII, the types of people who joined and why they joined, the different things they did, and their average life span once they joined the resistance (three months).

Then, three weeks off for vacation!


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I was an education major in college, but I hated teaching. And then I started homeschooling. Good days, bad days, I love them all! It's a great adventure with my favorite people in the whole world.

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