Day 38

The day before our weekend field trip. We raced through our work in order to finish laundry, prepare food, and straighten up the house for the weekend.

N (age 11):

Math: N warmed up with mental math and a worksheet on fraction simplification. Her lesson was on solving word problems about a fraction of a group. She was a reluctant learner, but she nailed the concept and moved on. N completed a lesson review.

Spelling: N practiced her words with the prefixes sub-, mid-, bi-, and tri-.

Reading: N read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Bible: N and C reviewed all their memory verses (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 1:1-6) and recited the books of the Bible. Today, they learned about Eli’s shortcomings as a father. We talked about the importance of prioritizing God in our decision-making.

Geography: N and C watched a video on Amazon about Scotland, England, and Wales to round out their study of the UK.

Music: N practiced her scales (G major and C major) and her current lesson.

C (age 10):

Math: C warmed up with mental math. Her lesson was on adding and subtracting decimal numbers. I stressed the importance of lining up the decimals before doing anything else to ensure its correct placement in the final answer. She completed a lesson review.

Spelling: C practiced her words with the consonant blends sp, tr, pl, and nd.

Reading: C read a chapter of Little House on the Prairie.

Bible: Combined class with N.

Geography: Combined class with N.

Music: C practiced A, B, C, E, and all her chord transitions. She played while reading music. She’s continuing to learn to play songs that coming strumming with playing individual notes.

S (age 7):

Math: S warmed up by counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s, and by counting backward from 30 to 1. We played a quick round of left/right Simon Says. Her lesson was on writing the number 13, making a shape on a geoboard, and identifying inside and outside. She had a little more practice on some, some went away stories by pretending flannelgraph animals were on a train. She completed a lesson review.

Grammar: S reviewed “The Caterpillar” and “Work.” She continued memorizing “Hearts are Like Doors.” Her lesson was on nouns. We talked about common nouns for locations and family members. Then, she named the proper names of immediate family members.  I wrote the names on the board and pointed out the capital letters at the beginning of each name.

Reading: S sang the alphabet song. She located the letter “v” on the alphabet chart. We practiced the /v/ sound. Then, I gave her four cards, three of which had pictures that started with the /v/ sound. She glued the three /v/ cards to a paper with the letter “v” and a vase on it. S solved three riddles whose answers began with the /v/ sound. I read a chapter of The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs and a chapter of Ramona Quimby Age 8 to S and H.

Writing: S worked on her name, lower case “v” and capital “V” using a custom worksheet from HandwritingPractice.Net.

H (age 5):

H got the day off today for prep work. She and S, however, played school. H ended up learning about sharks (S is obsessed with sharks), butterflies, and basic addition.


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