Day 9-10

We squeezed Thursday and the rest of Friday into today so that there would be little to no schoolwork to do tomorrow to make up for missing school on Monday due to my zombie-like, post dental state. S and H will still need to do math, reading, and writing tomorrow, but everything else has been completed satisfactorily.

N (age 11):

Math: N warmed up with a multiplication worksheet and some mental math. Her lesson was a review of identifying mixed numbers and fractions. Unfortunately, a tube of glue was much more interesting than math class, and it was very hard to keep her attention on me and not on a glop of glue drying on the table.Some days are like that. Loud mom made an appearance, with lots of shouts of “Woo hoo!!!” to get her attention. She completed a lesson review.

Spelling: N took an assessment. She got all the words correct, then made a change to the very last word at the very last second and got it wrong. I made her write it correctly five times.

Reading: N read two chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and I read a chapter of The Witch of Blackbird Pond  last night.

Bible: N and C reviewed all their memory verses (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 1:1) and recited the books of the Bible. They learned about all the Jewish festivals and about how God made provision for the poor and the foreigners living within the nation of Israel. We discussed the symbolism of the festivals.

Science: N, C, and S woke up at 11:00 last night to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower from the pool deck. I let H sleep through it. It was a beautifully clear night. We also used star charts on my iPhone to identify several constellations and planets. Today, N and C researched Ptolemy and wrote about his contributions to science.

Geography: N and C filled out their maps of the Middle East and Southeast Asia (all the countries they know). They learned about Japan today on the Time for Kids website. Then, they filled out maps of South and Central America as a review.

Social Studies: N and C completed their group project on Connecticut.

Spanish: N and C watched their second lesson on DVD (“Going Fishing”) and completed worksheet activities on the new vocabulary.

Music: N practiced her scales (G major and C major) and practiced her lesson.

C (age 9):

Math: C warmed up with mental math and a worksheet on multiplication. Her lesson was on finding mixed numbers on a number line (the second day in a row that her lesson was basically a simplified version of N’s lesson). She completed a lesson review.

Spelling: C had an assessment today and got all her words correct.

Reading: C read two chapters of Little House in the Big Woods , and I read a chapter of The Witch of Blackbird Pond  last night.

Bible: Combined class with N.

Science: Combined class with N, combined activity with N and S.

Geography: Combined class with N.

Social Studies: Group project with N.

Spanish: Combined class with N.

Music: C practiced A, B, C, and all her chord transitions. She played while reading music.

S (age 7):

Math: S warmed up by counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s, and by counting backward from 20 to 1. Her lesson today was an assessment. Without assistance, she had to use tangram pieces to make two, predetermined shapes. She did great.

Grammar: S continued to work on memorizing “The Caterpillar.” We reviewed the definition of a noun, and continued to work on the difference between common and proper nouns.

Reading: S and I sang the alphabet song. I showed S a card with the letter “b” and a bat on it. We practiced the /b/ sound. Then, I showed S a picture of bears and bees in a meadow. S picked out all the pictures that started with the /b/ sound. Then, I gave her four cards, three of which had pictures that started with the /b/ sound. She glued the three /b/ cards to a paper with the letter “b” and a bat on it. I read S and H a chapter of Ramona the Pest.

Writing: S did copywork of upper and lower case “b,” and practiced writing her full name on a custom worksheet I made at HandwritingPractice.Net.

Bible: S and H learned about the Jewish festivals and the symbolism behind them. They also learned how God provided for the poor and foreigners in the nation of Israel.

Science: Combined activity with N and C.

H (age 4):

Math: H warmed up by counting to 20 with me. She used the pattern blocks to cover up pre-printed shapes. It was quite easy for her.

Reading: H reviewed the vowels and their sounds using flashcards. First, we went through each card and said the name of the letter and its short sound (e.g., “A says /a/,” etc.). Then, I laid the cards on the desk and made a short vowel sound. She had to identify the letter based on the sound I made. I read S and H a chapter of Ramona the Pest.

Writing: H did copywork of her name and all the vowels (all upper case) on a custom worksheet I made at HandwritingPractice.Net. This is her least favorite school activity.

Bible: Combined class with S.


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