Day 170

After today, we only have ten school days left. I’m not feeling as burnt out this year as I have in years past. Maybe it’s because I’m not pregnant or caring for a newborn!

N (age 11):

  • Math: Although not a “Fun Friday” subject, N had to complete some worksheets, a lesson review and an assessment. Sigh.
  • Reading: N read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Bible: We’re a bit ahead in Bible, so I was just going to do a quick review of the verses, the books of the Bible that N and C know so far, and the twelve tribes of Israel. But, N and C wanted their lesson as well, and I’m not going to stand in the way of educational curiosity! They learned about Moses and the burning bush. We talked about Moses using all kinds of excuses to try to get out of what God told him to do, and we talked about the excuses people use to do the same now.
  • Science: N and C did an experiment to show how erosion causes mountains to rise in the earth’s mantle, causing a constant (albeit extremely slow) cycling of rocks on the planet.
  • Geography: N and C filled in their South and Central America maps for review.
  • Social Studies: N finished up her part of the group study of Pennsylvania.
  • Art: N and C practiced the stippling technique using oil pastels to draw a scene from a coral reef.

C (age 9):

  • Reading: C read Goddess Girls: Pheme the Gossip for 20 minutes.
  • Bible: Combined class with N.
  • Science: Combined class with N.
  • Geography: Combined class with N.
  • Social Studies: C just has to copy N’s work onto her project sheet.
  • Art: Combined class with N.

S (age 6):

  • Math: S used the 100-number chart to count to 100 by 1s and 10s. She counted backwards from 10 to 1. Today, she was introduced to the nickel. She compared and contrasted the coin to a penny and a dime. Then, I demonstrated counting by 5s to her. Together, we counted by 5s to 100 using the 100-number chart.
  • Reading: S reviewed lowercase “k” with a printout from The Measured Mom. She sang the alphabet song and located lowercase “l” on the alphabet poster. While she colored a picture of a lowercase “l” with (what else?) leaves, I read her three poems, being sure to emphasize the /l/ sound. We played “Silly Sentences” again. Even with baby R (age 15 mos.) distracting her, she was able to pick out the beginning sounds. She was a bit bored with the game, so I had her come up with a few alliterated sentences of her own. This was a little harder than identifying the sound when listening. I read her a chapter of Anne of Green Gables.
  • Writing: S practiced writing lowercase “l” on a custom worksheet.

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