Day 152

Tuesday was pretty easy for me because there wasn’t a lot of instructional time.  I like this “kids getting older and doing their work independently” phase, I must say.

N (age 11):

  • Math: N did mental math and a worksheet on linear measurement conversions. Her lesson was on transversals.  She learned how to identify corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, and alternate exterior angles. She learned how to find the measurements of angles when the transversal crosses parallel lines. She did her lesson review.
  • Spelling: N practiced her words using “ie” and “ie” as vowel pairs and vowel digraphs.
  • Reading: N read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • Bible: N and C recited their memory verses and the books of the Old Testament. We sang the song about the twelve tribes of Israel. Their lesson was on Joseph being Jacob’s favorite, and how that theme played out again and again in his family from the time of Abraham. We talked about Joseph’s character flaws and his relationship with his brothers.
  • Science: N and C learned more about sedimentary rocks and their formation. This new schedule of splitting the reading between two days worked out really well this week. Successful tweaking!
  • Geography: N and C filled out their maps of the Middle East and all the countries they’ve learned so far on their maps of Southeast Asia. They learned about the country of Nepal and about Sir Edmund Hilary.
  • Social Studies: N and C reviewed the Bill of Rights. They learned about the presidential campaign once the nominees are chosen, and about the evolution of the date of inauguration. They learned about all the pairs of presidents who were related.
  • Music: The usual.

C (age 9):

  • Math: After warming up with mental math and worksheet on addition, C reviewed adding two three-digit numbers using regrouping. She finished a lesson review.
  • Spelling: C practiced her words using different spellings of the long “i” sound.
  • Reading: C read Goddess Girls: Pheme the Gossip for 20 minutes.
  • Bible: Combined class with N.
  • Science: Combined class with N.
  • Geography: Combined class with N.
  • Social Studies: Combined class with N.
  • Music: C practiced chord transitions on the ukulele.

S (age 6):

  • Math: S practiced counting to 100 by 1s and 10s using the hundred-number chart to aid in number recognition. She counted backwards from 10 to 1. Her lesson was on comparing length, and identifying “shorter” and “longer.”
  • Reading: S did a review sheet on the letter W from The Measured Mom. She and I sang the alphabet song together, and she identified the letter X on the alphabet chart. I read her a short poem about an exploring fox, and she pointed out all the Xs she could find in the poem. She colored a picture of a fox and the letter X. We played a game called “Copycat.” I said a word and she said the word without the beginning sound (e.g. I said “mouse” and she said “ouse”). I read her some of My Side of the Mountain.
  • Writing: S practiced writing the letter X on a custom worksheet.

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