Day 134

I canceled school for Wednesday. N and I both had dentist appointments, and it was too much running around to try to get school done as well.  I’m glad we had a field day on Saturday so that we’re not behind!

N (age 11):

  • Math: N is still trying to play catch up with her math paperwork.  We don’t usually do math on “Fun Friday,” so we’ll make up today’s lesson tomorrow.  She spent today very begrudgingly finishing all her undone work.
  • Spelling: N did much better on her spelling words today.  She must’ve been having a brain fog on Tuesday.
  • Writing: N did a great job coming up with scenarios in which life being “fair” is not as great as it sounds.  She wrote about people cheating off of the test she studied for, about getting the same small breakfast portion as her baby sister, about her older brother getting the extra dollar she earned doing chores because he hadn’t done as many chores.
  • Reading: N read another chapter of I am Malala.
  • Bible: N and C finished the story of Noah and located Mt. Ararat on the map. They reviewed their memory verse and the books of the Bible through Esther.
  • Science: N and C learned about plate tectonics and continental drift. They examined our world map and noted how the continents may have fit together before drifting apart.  They copied definitions related to what they’d learned.
  • Geography: N and C filled out their Middle East maps in review.
  • Spanish: N practiced all the vocabulary she has learned so far.
  • Music: The usual.

C (age 9):

  • Math: After mental math exercises and a worksheet of addition problems, C learned a lesson about number sequencing.  She found missing numbers in a sequence and determined the rule for a sequence. She completed a lesson review worksheet.
  • Spelling: C did much better on her spelling words as well.  There must’ve been something in the water on Tuesday.
  • Writing: C used her list of what she sees out of the window in front of her desk to right a descriptive paragraph of what is immediately outside the window.
  • Reading: C read another chapter of Moby Dick (abridged).
  • Bible: Combined class with N.
  • Science: Combined class with N.
  • Geography: Combined class with N.
  • Latin: C reviewed her vocabulary.
  • Music: C learned G7 on the ukulele. She continues to write her own ukulele notation and play and sing.  She’s doing well learning her ukulele theory.

S (age 6): I did another flashcard review day. I spelled some small words with the flashcards using letters she’s learned, and she read them. She has an easier time understanding concepts than recognizing words and letters, so I really want to overteach letter and number recognition.  I also spend a lot of time giving her short words to rhyme.


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