Day 121

Two weeks ago was The Great Stomach Bug of 2016.  We’re now in the throes of chest colds. But, mean mom that I am, I’m still having the kids do school.  I’m allowing them to do school in their beds, though. I gave them the day off from music. Here’s the rundown for our “sick day”:

N (age 11):

  • Math: N had an assessment today.
  • Spelling: N practiced her “ai,” “ay,” “oa,” and “ow” words. She’s definitely a little foggy-headed today.
  • Writing: N is continuing her written description of our house.
  • Reading: N read another chapter of I am Malala.
  • History: N and C learned about the ancient civilization of Crete.  I was able to apply their recent lesson on tsunamis to the lesson (isn’t it great to make connections in learning?), and they recalled the videos they watched of the Banda Aceh tsunami of 2004. They learned about bull jumping and about the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. They located Athens, Crete, Thera, and the Aegean Sea on a map. They colored a picture of bull jumpers and traced their way through a labyrinth to the Minotaur. N did supplement reading and note-taking on ancient Crete.
  • Logic: I put this off for the day.  I’ll make it up on another day when she’s feeling a bit better.

C (age 9):

  • Math: I skipped the usual story problem and times tables practice with C in an effort to quickly finish the only class that requires the classroom whiteboard. C learned how to divide a three-digit number by a one-digit number.  We used play money at first, and then she practiced with just pencil and paper.  While she understands the concept, my right-brained girl needs a little practice solving it on paper. She’ll have ample opportunity to practice in the future.
  • Spelling: C practiced her words using hard and soft C and G. She’s also a bit foggy-headed, but I think she’ll be ready for an assessment pretty soon.
  • Writing: C was introduced to the idea of organizing information in a logical way.  She wrote two lists.  The first list was of all the classes during the day that she enjoys.  The second list was of all the extracurricular activities she does during the day (eating, playing with the neighbor kids, watching movies, doing independent work, chores, etc.).
  • Reading: C read another chapter of Moby Dick (abridged).
  • History: Combined class with N. C didn’t do the supplemental reading or notes.
  • Manga: C asked if we could do this later during the week.

S (age 6):

  • Math: S and I practiced counting to 100.  I dug out my 100-number chart so that I could point to each of the numbers as we counted.  This should help with her number recognition. Then, S learned how to copy different patterns (e.g., ABB, AB, ABBC, etc.) and to identify and read the AB patterns.
  • Reading: S reviewed G by using a printout from The Measured Mom on the letter G. She colored in all the pictures that began with the soft or hard G sound.  We sang the alphabet song together.  She identified the letter H on our alphabet poster. I read her a poem about hippos, and she located all the capital Hs in the poem. Finally, we played a rhyming game. I said a sentence, but left off the last word; she had to find a rhyme to complete the sentence (e.g. “I saw a purple bunny, and he looked very ___________” [funny]).
  • Writing: S copied a worksheet page of capital Hs.

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