Day 105

Aside from a projectile vomiting incident in the classroom causing a slight disruption, school went smoothly today.  We kept it fun and short.

N (age 11):

  • Reading: N read a chapter of Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade to C, who enjoyed it immensely.
  • Science: N and C completed their notes on Ferdinand II di Medici and Luke Howard.  Then, they learned how to measure relative humidity using a wet/dry bulb.  We discussed why a wet bulb worked the way it did, comparing it to our bodies sweating, and I explained how it helped measure the moisture that’s already in the air.
  • Geography: The girls filled in maps of South America and Central America, and they filled in all the countries they know so far on their Middle Eastern maps as a review.  We were going to make Shish Taouk in honor of our Oman study, but the stomach issues going through the house have put that on hold for now.
  • Spanish: N continued writing her own stories in Spanish.  She also reviewed all of the vocabulary she’s learned so far.
  • Art: N and C finished up their lesson in intermediate density by drawing a banner fluttering from a flagpole and a levitating pencil.
  • Music: N began learning a song in 2/4 time in the key of C Major that uses the octave above middle C and the octave below middle C. I’m a little concerned that their sight reading is not really developing as well as it should be, so I printed up some charts from to hang by the piano.  I may also come up with some sort of review game or musical flashcards as a way to increase their fluency.

C (age 9):

  • Math: C had to complete her lesson review sheet from yesterday.  She had finished most of it, but I wanted to make sure she finished the entire thing so I could gauge how well she learned yesterday’s concept.
  • Reading: C read another chapter of Moby Dick (abridged).
  • Science: Combined class, see N’s description.
  • Geography: Combined class again.
  • Latin: C continued her vocabulary review.
  • Art: Another combined class.
  • Music: C began learning a song in 3/4 time in the key of G Major.  Both C and N struggle a bit at first with anything written in 3/4 time.  I worked with her a bit and then encouraged her to practice on her own.  I’ll work with her a bit more every day until I feel confident that she’s got it down.

S (age 6):

  • Math: S worked on counting to sixty and number recognition today.
  • Reading: S added the letter J to her letter recognition, read words ending in -am, and read several sentences reviewing sounds that she has already practiced reading.
  • Writing: S began learning to write the letter J.

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