Day 101

We got a late start because the kids were excited about a new app they got.  Then, we had to stop mid-stream to run to the store for birthday presents for the youngest (who will be turning 1 tomorrow). Finally, the wonderful attitudes during school were accompanied by lots of daydreaming and lots of excited interruptions from S and H (the four-year-old). So, long day.  But, good day.

N (age 11):

  • Math: She did mental math and a 28-problem worksheet of fractions to be simplified.  Then, she learned about complimentary and supplementary angles.  On most days, this would have been a quick lesson, because there wasn’t much new information.  But, daydreaming made things drag on a little bit.  Fortunately, she made up for some of that by completing her lesson practice in record time.
  • Applied Grammar: She didn’t get to this today because of time.  I’ll try to double up on a day later this week.
  • Reading: Finished Little Women!  N loved it.
  • History: The kids learned about the benefits of living by a river to ancient cultures.  They studied the tribes of the Indus River Valley, the citadels, and the mystery of Mahenjo Daro. They located the Indus River and Mahenjo Daro on a map. N did supplemental reading on life in ancient India and took notes.
  • Logic: N learned to define and identify part-to-whole fallacies.  She also identified previously learned fallacies.
  • Spanish: Another victim of time constraints today.  She usually doesn’t have Spanish on “Fun Friday,” but she will this week!
  • Music: Same old, same old.

C (age 9):

  • Math: After an assessment (which let me know she needs to do some supplemental work on finding the area of a polygon) and a couple worksheets of simple division problems, C learned how to find the factors of numbers and how to determine whether a number is prime. She practiced finding the factors of 1-20 and named the prime numbers.
  • Applied Grammar: In preparation for writing an introduction, C discussed the attributes of a friend of hers.
  • Reading: C read a chapter of Heidi (abridged).
  • History: C did the same as N, but did not do the supplemental reading.
  • Latin: I continued reviewing vocabulary with C.  The repetition is having a noticeably positive effect.
  • Manga: Another victim of today’s scheduling difficulties.
  • Typing: And another class put off.  She will double up her lessons tomorrow.
  • Music: The usual.

S (age 6): S was pleasantly surprised to be out of time before she could start school today.  She’ll make up the time over the weekend.

Tomorrow will be a bit go-with-the-flow, as our schedule will once again be a bit thrown off with R’s first birthday preparations.  Hopefully, we’ll get an early start and be back to our usual schedule on Wednesday.


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