Day 100

It’s been another highly motivating day, because “Fun Friday” is ending with a sleepover for N and C. There were preparations to be made, so they raced through their work with great attitudes (except for one or two frustrated moments).


  • Math: Like last week, N put off her math work yesterday and spent today finishing up her lesson review and her problem sheet.
  • Reading: N read a chapter of Little Women.  She’ll be done on Monday, I believe.
  • Science: In addition to the daily recording of the temperature, barometric pressure, and atmospheric conditions, we used a globe and a flashlight to illustrate the reason seasons change.  Then, we discussed the water cycle.  N drew a comic strip (“The Water Cycleopedia”) illustrating the water cycle.
  • Geography: The kids filled in maps of South America and Central America, and then filled in the eight Middle Eastern countries we’ve studied so far on maps of the Middle East.
  • Spanish: N watched her Spanish lesson on DVD one more time as review.
  • Art: The girls continued their lesson on intermediate dimension by drawing partially unrolled treasure map and a round, furry man with a mustache.
  • Music: N moved onto the next song in Teaching Little Fingers to Playwhich is a song in 3/4 time in G Major.  The song introduces playing left and right hands together.


  • Reading: C read another chapter of Heidi (abridged).
  • Science: Combined class, so C did the same as N.  Instead of drawing an illustrative comic of the water cycle, she opted to draw a chart of the cycle and label each step in the cycle.
  • Geography: Combined class, so refer to N.
  • Latin: More vocabulary review.
  • Art: C, again, had a bit of trouble with her perfectionist tendencies.  She’s showing improvement in that area, however, and was able to complete the lesson with a little prodding.
  • Music: C moved on to the next song in Teaching Little Fingers to Play, which was played in the key of C Major but introduced an F sharp in several measures.

S asked if she could complete her school tomorrow rather than today so that she could have a day playing with her little sister.  I obliged. Tomorrow, the course of action for her will be:

  • Reading: S will use flashcards to review the letters A, D, N, M, T, P, C, S, B, R, H, V, and F. Then, she will read three-letter words using the short “a” sound and the aforementioned consonants.
  • Writing: S will practice writing her name, practice writing the letters R and r, and copy the words from her reading lesson several times.
  • Math: S will have an assessment on patterns using manipulatives and will act out some story problems using pennies.



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