Day 99

The kids are excited about cleaning up and decorating for their dad’s birthday today, so they were highly motivated to do their schoolwork.

N (age 11):

  • Math: After the usual mental math and 28 fractions to simplify, N did her lesson on dividing mixed numbers.  She was feeling pretty good about it and kept skipping steps.  This led to incorrect answers and a bit of frustration on both of our parts.  But, eventually (and a bit huffily), N consented to doing all the steps of each problem and grasped the concept.  She had a 30-problem lesson review.
  • Spelling: N had her assessment and got all the answers correct.
  • Applied Grammar: Today was the final pre-writing class before paragraph construction will begin next week.  We discussed the purpose of a topic sentence and how it limits what is contained in the paragraph.  Then, we looked at examples of how paragraphs are arranged in a particular order to allow for the logical flow of information.
  • Reading: N read a chapter of Little Women.
  • Science: N and C researched Edward Maunder and James Croll online, then wrote a paragraph or two on each of their contributions to science.
  • Geography: N filled out the seven countries we’ve studied so far on her Middle Eastern map.  Then, N and C learned about Saudi Arabia.  This led to a short discussion on women’s rights.
  • Spanish: N was supposed to complete her workbook lesson today.  However, her workbook seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.  She’ll need to complete her workbook once she locates it.
  • Music: The usual.

C (age 9):

  • Math: After a review of the 9, 3, and 4 times tables, C completed a lesson on determining a function rule.  She’s a big fan of patterns and of solving “mysteries,” so she enjoyed the lesson and powered through it quickly.  She completed a division problem sheet and a lesson review sheet.
  • Spelling: C practiced her “aw” sound words.  She got them all correct, but was a bit hesitant on a few of the words.  If she does well on Monday, she will probably have an assessment on Tuesday.
  • Applied Grammar: C completed the last, four-sentence paragraph of her short story about the kitten who thinks it’s a duck.
  • Reading: C read a chapter of Heidi (abridged).
  • Science: Combined class, so refer to N.
  • Geography: Combined class.  C did everything N did, and she also filled in South and Central American maps for review.
  • Latin: C continued to review vocabulary.  It seems to be sticking now, but I want to be sure she has a firm grasp.  We’ll continue to review vocabulary before beginning any new Latin lessons.
  • Typing: C continued her speed and accuracy drills.
  • Music: The usual.

S (age 6):

  • Reading: It seems as if Reading Eggs has outlived its usefulness.  So, I’ve returned to my old favorite, The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading.  I skipped all the lessons teaching the letter sounds, and began with the first actual reading lesson.  We reviewed the letters being used in the lesson with flashcards (A, D, M, N, and T), and then red two-letter words using those letter sounds. S seemed to enjoy reading actual words out of a book. She also enjoyed that the lesson was shorter than a typical Reading Eggs lesson.
  • Math: More number recognition flashcard practice.
  • Writing: I found a wonderful website ( that allowed me to print customized handwriting worksheets.  So, S practiced writing her full name and the words that she learned to read today in reading class. There was some mild resistance, but she ended up doing quite well.  And we absolutely need to work on handwriting!

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