Day 98

With this new schedule, Wednesdays have become predominantly independent work, leaving me to the role of “enforcer/supervisor” more than “educator.” It would have gone quicker if N and C had woken at the crack of dawn as is their wont.  For some reason, they slept until 10:00 this morning and didn’t end up starting school until 10:30.  LOOOOOONG day …

N (age 11):

  • Math: After some mental math exercises and a problem sheet simplifying improper fractions, N went on to learn how to use prime factorization to reduce fractions. It built on previous so gently that the class didn’t take very long.  The 30-problem lesson review took a little bit longer, but it’s her least favorite part of the day and she tends to put it off until the very end.
  • Spelling: N practiced words with hard and soft “c” and “g” sounds again.  She did perfectly and will have an assessment tomorrow.
  • Applied Grammar: Pre-writing again, as we discussed which information to include and which information to leave out of a paragraph.
  • Reading: N read another chapter of Little Women.
  • Science: The kids copied definitions of words they learned during yesterday’s science class, including the Greek and/or Latin roots. They didn’t enjoy this and asked if they could be allowed to type the definitions (there were nine of them).  I made them write it out by hand, however, so that their physical movement would help them remember the definitions better than just reading them.
  • History: The kids learned about Shamshi-Adad and the Assyrian Empire.  Then, I read the Epic of Gilgamesh trilogy (see my previous post) to them, as this story was often told in both the Assyrian and the Babylonian Empires. The girls located the ancient empires of Assyria and Babylonia on their maps. N did additional reading on the Assyrian Empire.
  • Spanish: N completed her worksheets for the current Spanish lesson.
  • Filmmaking: In the last lesson, N learned about typical shots used in a movie.  Today, we discussed special shots: tilts, pans, and masked shots.  She has a week to send me a short film using the aforementioned shots.
  • Music: N practiced C and G Major scales five times each, and her lesson five times.

C (age 9):

  • Math: C reviewed her 9 times tables and her 3 times tables, and she recited the perfect squares to 100.  Then, she identified parallel line segments in the classroom and in the uppercase alphabet. She finished off the class with a worksheet to review the lesson.
  • Spelling: C was introduced to words with the “aw” sound using various spellings. She completed the exercises in her workbook.
  • Applied Grammar: C wrote her third four-sentence paragraph for her short story about a kitten who thinks it’s a duck.
  • Reading: C read another chapter of Heidi (abridged).
  • Science: Combined class, same attitude as N.
  • History: Combined class.  C did everything but the supplemental reading on the Assyrian Empire.
  • Latin: More vocabulary review for C.
  • Typing: C continued building her speed and accuracy.  She is still consistently typing at 10 wpm with 100% accuracy.
  • Music: C practiced C and G Major scales five times each, and her lesson five times.

S (age 6):

  • S did the same thing today as she did yesterday.

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