Day 97

Cold and rainy days do not do wonders for motivation.  However, we powered through it with many protests and dramatic flailings.

N (age 11):

  • Math: She continued to build on her working knowledge of fractions by multiplying mixed numbers.  She also completed some mental math, a worksheet on reducing fractions, and lesson practice (30 questions).
  • Spelling: She was pretty distracted during spelling, which caused some mistakes when reviewing words using hard and soft “c” and “g” sounds.  I’ll have her review again tomorrow.
  • Reading: Another chapter of Little Women.  She’s almost done.
  • Applied Grammar: More pre-writing.  We discussed breaking each category down into supporting sub-points.
  • Science: We discussed how the climate works, how sunshine affects the climate, the seasons, and the arguments for and against man-made climate change. The girls recorded today’s high and low temperatures, barometric pressure, and atmospheric conditions.
  • Geography: N filled in the six Middle Eastern countries she already knows on her map.  Then, she located Lebanon.  We looked at pictures of Lebanon and discussed its history.
  • Social Studies: The girls told me the first two amendments from memory.  Then, we discussed what “quartering” means and why it would be protected by an amendment.
  • Spanish: N read a short story in Spanish, translated it into English, and answered comprehension questions on it.  Then, we reviewed the vocabulary for the current lesson.
  • Filmmaking: N completed her camera angles sequence.  
  • Music: N practiced the C and G Major scales five times each, and then practiced her lesson five times.

C (age 9):

  • Math: C has used number lines to show positive and negative numbers.  Today, she was introduced to adding, subtracting, and multiplying using a number line. She picked it up quickly, and was anxious to finish the lesson and move on to something else. I had her recite the perfect squares to 100 several times as review.
  • Spelling: C had an assessment today.  N gave her the words enthusiastically; so enthusiastically, in fact, that C was a bit distracted by the theatrics and spelled “noise” incorrectly.  I had her write “noise” five times correctly.
  • Reading: Another chapter of Heidi (abridged).
  • Applied Grammar: C continued practicing paragraph control.  She composed a second paragraph for her short story of the kitten who thinks it’s a duck.
  • Science: Combined class, so refer to N’s description.
  • Geography: Another combined class.  In addition to what is listed in N’s description, I had her fill out blank maps of South America and Central America for review.  She will continue to do this three times a week until she can fill them out without a mistake.  At that point, she will fill them out once a week, and eventually once a month.
  • Social Studies:  Yet another combined class, so refer to N.
  • Latin: She reviewed another vocabulary list.
  • Typing: She continued her speed and accuracy lessons.
  • Music: C practiced the C and G Major scales five times each, and then practiced her lesson five times.

S (age 6):

Flash card day!!!!

  • Reading: S practiced all the letters she already learned for recognition and phonetics.  Ten letters to go and we are done the alphabet!
  • Writing: S did some copy work and practiced writing her name.
  • Math: S practiced number recognition through 11 and counted to 50 with me.

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