Day 96

I must say, things went pretty quickly and easily for a Monday.  Usually on Mondays, I am begged to give them another day off that they can make up on Saturday.  That arrangement gets more popular with me as summer vacation looms closer, but for now I still make them do class during the week for the most part.


  • Math: N took an assessment today.  Aside from three careless calculating mistakes, she did well.  She understands all the underlying concepts, so I feel good about moving ahead without any further review.  She also completed a worksheet with some simple multiplication and division problems.
  • Spelling: She continues to practice words using soft and hard “c” and “g” sounds.  Her mistakes tend to be with word endings rather than with the “c” and “g” sounds.  We will continue to review the words.
  • Applied Grammar: Today was a pre-writing day.  We discussed paragraph structure.  We also discussed breaking down a main idea into parts that can be used as sentences in the paragraph.
  • Reading: N read another chapter of Little Women.
  • Science: The kids looked up the high and low temperatures for today and located the barometric pressure.  They noted the atmospheric conditions, and we discussed how those conditions are affected by the barometric pressure. All of this information was charted
  • History: The kids learned about Hammurabi of Babylonia and the significance of the Code of Hammurabi.  They read through some of the laws and opined on the fairness or lack thereof.  They located the ancient kingdom of Babylonia on a map and colored a picture of a ziggurat.  N did a crossword puzzle reviewing some of the information we’ve covered in history so far this semester.  Then, she did some supplemental reading from the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and took notes on her reading.
  • Logic: N learned about the slippery slope fallacy.  She then identified the slippery slope fallacies in some hypothetical situations and in some actual quotes. She also identified examples of other fallacies she has learned.
  • Spanish: N was introduced to the new lesson (“At the Roller Skating Rink”) and practiced the new vocabulary.  She followed along in her worksheet as the teacher on the DVD read two stories, and she answered comprehension questions.
  • Music: N practiced the C Major and G Major scales five times each, and then practiced her new lesson five times.


  • Math: Feeling satisfied that C understands the concepts with which she had trouble in the last assessment, I moved her on to the next lesson. This lesson was dividing by 7, 5, and 2.  She picked it up quickly and completed her problem worksheet and her lesson review sheet in good time.
  • Spelling: C practiced words with the “oy” and “ow” sounds, and I think she will be ready to take an assessment tomorrow and move on to the next lesson.
  • Applied Grammar: C is continuing to practice paragraph control by writing a short story about a kitten who think it’s a duck.  There are four main ideas in the story, and C wrote four sentences in support of the first main idea today to create a paragraph.
  • Reading: C read another chapter of Heidi (abridged).
  • Science: C did the same thing as N in this combined class.
  • History: This class is combined, so C participated in the lesson, the mapwork, and the coloring.  She didn’t do the supplemental work that I required N to do.
  • Latin: I continued to quiz C on vocabulary.  I want to be sure that she has a good grasp of the vocabulary before moving on to the next lesson, because she was becoming increasingly frustrated with the translation exercises.
  • Manga: Art can be difficult for C, who tends to be a bit of a perfectionist.  I remind her during every art class that she is only learning the concept, and that she can practice more on her own time.  I demonstrated drawing a 3/4 face, which was a bit of a difficult concept for her to perform.  She pushed through the lesson, however, and was satisfied at the end, declaring she will continue to practice it throughout the week.
  • Typing:  C continues to build speed and accuracy.  She is currently typing 13 wpm with 100% accuracy. That’s her best time so far (she was previously typing at 10 wpm).
  • Music: C practiced the C Major and G Major scales five times each, and then practiced her new lesson five times.


  • Reading: S used Reading Eggs rather reluctantly today, and was introduced to the “d” sound.  I added the Dd flashcard to her repertoire.
  • Math: S’s lesson was naming a shape piece using three attributes (shape, color, and size), and identifying a missing piece in a matrix.  She also counted to 40 with me, and reviewed number recognition for numbers 0-11.
  • Writing: S was introduced to “D” and “d,” and practiced both.  She continues to practice writing her name.



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