Day 95

“Fun Friday” became “Fun Saturday/Sunday” due to snow, which is so rare in our area that I couldn’t bring myself to force the kids to sit inside while it was on the ground.  So, here is Day 95 over the course of Saturday and Sunday.


  • Math: Math is not usually a part of “Fun Friday,” but N decided to put off doing her independent work on Thursday.  She did a problem sheet of multiplication and division, and she completed her lesson practice of 30 problems.
  • Reading: N read one chapter of “Little Women.”
  • Science: The kids and I talked about barometric pressure and how they can guess whether the pressure is higher or lower by observing the atmospheric conditions. The kids began to fill out charts that will track the daily high and low temperature, the barometric pressure, and the atmospheric conditions for 31 days.
  • History: It’s been too cold to unveil the completed mummified chicken, so they watched “Joseph: Prince of Dreams” to reinforce their lesson about the Abrahamic roots of the nation of Israel.
  • Geography: The weekly review consisted of the kids filling out maps of South America and Central America, and the six Middle Eastern countries they have studied so far.
  • Art: The kids practiced intermediate dimension by drawing a set of steps and a record player in a box with an open lid.
  • Music: N began lesson 19 of “Teaching Little Fingers to Play,” which introduced a song written in G Major with 3/4 time.


  • Reading: C read one chapter of “Heidi” (abridged version).
  • Science: This is a combined class, so see the description under N’s day.
  • History: This is also a combined class.
  • Geography: Another combined class.
  • Art: You guessed it!  Combined class.
  • Music: C began lesson 17 of “Teaching Little Fingers to Play,” which introduced a lower octave and was played in 2/4 time.


  • Reading: S practiced the letter sounds she already knows (“overteaching” is the key word with S), and the sight words “and” and “the.”
  • Math: S practiced number recognition for numbers 0-11, and helped with recipes in the kitchen.
  • Writing: S practiced writing all the letters she can read, and she practiced writing her name.

While I didn’t get the “attitude-free” day I was promised when I gave them Friday off (big shock – ha ha!), spreading out “Fun Friday” made things a bit more relaxed.



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